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TransGenez Solution partners with you to add value to your business and provide competitive differentiation. Our clients gain insights, business growth, and measurable business impact through robust process based solutions, industry focused platform BPO solutions, and integrated BPO services. We offer the satisfaction that comes from continually investing in people, processes, infrastructure and facilities, ensuring the highest levels of performance. We are committed to building scalable and repeatable business solutions ensuring your success.

At a Glance

Transgenez At a Glance

At TransGenez, we define functional excellence as:

Transgenez At a Glance
  • Meeting the exceptional customer outlooks consistently.
  • Process cogitation and cutting-edge technology to deliver a great value proposition.
Transgenez At a Glance
  • Robust administration and execution.
  • Procedure standardization.

Business Process done smartly

Our solutions are focused on managing, enabling, and extending our customer’s client servicing experience.

  • Sales & Marketing

    Marketing Outsourcing services help the marketers to think more about the strategic aspects of their work.

  • Telecom

    TransGenez has the capacity and capability to empower organizations with advanced process support that dramatically cuts costs.

  • Travel

    We ensure our clients achieve unique process performance with our proven expertise in providing highly cost-efficient end-to-end BPO services.

  • Banking & Insurance

    Our Banking & Insurance Business Process Services help you drive efficiency and effectiveness.

  • Media & Entertainment

    Our solutions help transform the business to make operations more efficient, flexible and agile.

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